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Privacy Policy

by virtue of the Finnish Personal Data Act 5.12.2018/1050

Privacy Policy

1. Register controller  

Nitro Group Oy Köydenpunojankatu 14 20100 Turku, Finland Business ID: 0498496-7

2. Contact person in matters concerning the register  

Sami Puutio,

3. Name of the register

  1. contact form register

  2. newsletter subscription register

  3. recruitment form register

4. Purpose of the register and personal data processing  

Data collecting is based on user’s consent. The contact information of the people in our register can be used:

  • to handle a contact request,

  • to contact and possibly recruit people who have sent a job application,

  • to contact new people who have shown interest in our services,

  • and for marketing and communications of Nitro Group Oy.

5. Data contained in the register website collects information in three different registers, which are mentioned in section 3. 

We request the following information on the contact form:

  • Name  

  • Telephone number  

  • E-mail address 

  • Company’s name

Information collected from the contact form is preserved max. 6 months, after which the data will be demolished. 

We request the following information on the subscription form of the newsletter: 

  • E-mail address 

The e-mail addresses collected from the newsletter subscription register are stored in the database as long as the e-mail addresses are valid, and the subscriber has not cancelled their subscription. 

We request the following information on the job application form: 

  • First and last name 

  • E-mail address 

  • Phone number 

  • LinkedIn profile address 

  • Portfolio web address 

  • Webpage address

  • Job position

  • Workplace location

  • Application letter

  • Additional attached files 

The information given in site’s job application or open application form is optional. The data will be stored for 6 months in the database unless the person submitting the application has specifically requested that their data can be stored for a longer period. 

6. Regular sources of data  

  • Contact form on the site

  • Newsletter subscription form on the site

  • Job application form on the site 

7. Regular disclosure of data  

The data contained in the register will not be disclosed to third parties except if the Finnish authorities so require.  

8. Disclosure of data outside the EU and the EEA  

The data can be processed in the GDPR-compliant services of IT-system companies located outside the EU or the EEA in the following cases: 

  • Mailchimp – Sending newsletters and managing contacts

  • Basin – Saving information on the contact and other forms 

9. Data protection principles of the register  

Personal data will be maintained confidentially. Access to the data contained in the register is restricted to specific authorized individuals. Logging in to the register requires the use of a username and password given by the administrator. The data is not stored manually.  

10. Right to audit   

A data subject has the right to audit personal data of them held in the register. A request to audit one’s personal data should be addressed to the contact person mentioned in paragraph 2 by phone or by email.   

11. Right to demand data correction  

A data subject has the right to demand a correction of incorrect data of them held in the register. A request to correct one’s incorrect data should be addressed to the contact person mentioned in paragraph 2 by phone or by email.  

12. Other rights relating to the processing of personal data  

A data subject has the right to prohibit the controller of the register from processing personal data for marketing purposes. A request to prohibit one’s personal data from marketing purposes should be addressed to the contact person mentioned in paragraph 2 by phone or by email.