Meet our
marketing experts.

Everything here at Nitro is based on people’s skills, cooperation and strong motivation. Here are our experts behind all the inspiring results.

Anne-Mari Sironen

Designer, Concepts and Content

New projects, versatile tasks and nice clients get me going.

Antti Hahkala

Lead Designer, Technology

+358 (0)44 558 1282

Anttoni Heikura 

Designer, Concepts and Content

+358 (0)50 407 9807
The greatest wisdom is curiosity. Modern, multichannel technologies and solutions enable doing creative and measurable advertising in a more extensive and holistic way. We can genuinely reach the whole world with our keyboards.

Eero Sevón

Project Manager

+358 (0)40 825 8336
My goal is to create valuable and productive customer relationships that benefit both the customer and Nitro. I believe in creative and innovative team play with the client. Listening, being confident and analytical thinking makes possible for good things.

Jaana Malminen

Project Manager

+358 (0)40 099 5304
I´m interested in meaningfulness and distinctiveness. Two mottos drive me: do not assume anything & when you know the rules you can break them.

Janne Sinkko

Digital Artist

The best things are versatile work, diverse clients and new challenges and constant learning. The development of technology and ways of working are really interesting.

Jari Salmi

Project Manager

+358 (0)40 726 5679
The results of hard work and success inspire me!

Johannes Maliranta 

Designer, Concepts and UX

+358 (0)401641999
Using digital services should leave you with the same feeling that you get when you experience the warmest and most positive kind of customer service face to face. We can make it happen by listening to the users

Juha Raulo

3D Artist

+358 (0)40 141 9083 
Best things include versatility, learning and using new techniques in projects and designing.

Jyri Ryyppö

Project Manager

+358 (0)44 563 8977
Every day brings something new! I get to work with versatile businesses and projects, so things never get boring.

Kenneth  Lindqvist

Lead Designer, Technology

Simplify it – do not complicate.

Kirsi Virta

Project Manager

+358 (0) 400 637 760

Krista Uotinen

Production Manager (Maternity leave)

+358 (0)50 527 5686
Throughout my career, my work methods and outlook on life have been very people orientated. I believe that we rise by lifting others. The mutual trust and expertise of the team, together with the thirst to succeed ensure the best possible results. I have learnt from the best by working with professionals who are always willing to share their knowledge. I come from a large family, so the more hectic things are, the more I feel like home.

Mare Ollinkari

3D Artist

+358 (0)40 750 6717
Learning and creating new things are the best.

Marika Tulivuori

Executive Producer

+358 (0)40 847 8722
The great work of my team and whole Nitro’s team give a boost even in challenging times. I always get super energized when a new project is secured. Our family-like team and feeling of togetherness form a solid and inspiring foundation for my work.

Mats Berglund

Client Service Director

+358 (0)504058433
Client´s appreciation towards our work is the most rewarding thing. It means that the team has done a great job from start to finish. That also indicates that the bar can be set even higher and that we are able to reach something even better. Good things create more good!

Mika Honkanen

Team Leader, Technology

+358 (0)40 775 3793 
Good customer know-how turns into a good customer experience.

Mika Suhonen


+358 (0)50 546 6033 
There is no such topic you could not turn into a story able to touch people and get them interested.

Mikko Pekkala

Lead Designer, Concepts and Strategy

+358 (0)50 540 6669

Minna Cannavacciuolo

Production Manager

+358 (0)40 510 6060

Minna Kallio

Designer, Concepts and Content

It’s the best feeling when the client and the team are excited about the project; the excitement spreads. It’s great to market a product you believe in. In my work it’s important to continuously learn new things. Technology develops, and trends change, so you have to be feel the pulse.

Oskari Nieminen

Designer, Technology

The best thing is to turn coffee into a code, every day. 

Pasi Hiltunen


+358 (0)50 517 3440
It’s the best thing when you see our people reach the client’s goals and celebrate it together with the client. It’s also important to learn from mistakes and use the learnings as a part of future success. Behind our accomplishments are three things: communication, communication and communication.

Pepita Kautto

Designer, Technology

Petteri Aranne 

Designer, Concepts and UX

+358 (0)40 757 2339 
It’s inspiring to get people to think and act in a whole new way or get them to do familiar things in an easier and faster way. The change begins in recognizing a tradition.

Roni Viitanen

Lead Designer, Concepts and Strategy

Impressive stories and successful campaigns get me going!

Roosa Laksio

Designer, Concepts and Content

Salla Pietilä

Designer, Concepts and Content

I am excited about the diverse work tasks, the new challenges, and the fruitful collaboration with customers and the team.

Sami Puutio

Vice President

+358 (0)40 528 9004
New things and possibilities as well as results and producing experiences give me a thrill.

Samuli Homanen

Technical Director

+358 (0)44 322 7281 
I get excited about testing new things and applying them in practice. Research and Development are my things.

Satu Sanevuori

Lead Designer, Concepts and Strategy

+358 (0)40 754 6193

Sebastian Berg 

Lead Designer, Concepts and Content

+ 358 (0)400 171 989 
All work and no play makes Sebastian a dull designer. If work isn’t fun, it will show in the end result.

Tero Lumiainen 

Lead Designer, Concepts and Strategy

+358 (0)50 552 5112 
Every day is different in this business – and that is exactly how I like it. There are always new challenges waiting to be solved!

Tomi Nikulainen

Sound Designer

+358 (0)40 761 5018 
What gets me excited? A good team, of course!

Tommi Nissinen

Designer, Analytics and Data

Topi Jokinen

Lead Designer, Concepts and Strategy

+358 (0)400 168 853 
It’s the best when you get to meet and work with different types of companies and businesses. I’m specially intrigued by brave brands or those wanting to be brave.

Tuuli Eltonen 

Lead Designer, Concepts and Strategy

+358 (0)40 350 2248
I get excited about new challenges, stories and creativity. The absolute best thing is when people, ideas and skills meet. We shine bright together!

Untamo Lehto

Production Manager

+358 (0)40 410 2211

Venla Kokkomäki

Designer, Concepts and Content

+358 (0)40 5077088

Viljami Eronen


+358 (0)40 194 2111 
I live freely in my ideology but accept my responsibilities.