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VitaePro is one of the most used food supplements in the Nordics. It’s an active brand with active marketing and active customers!

Taking over Nordic screens

VitaePro is one of the most used food supplements in the Nordics. It contains active ingredients that boost well-being with health claims approved in the EU. The product is targeted to people over 45. 

The cooperation began with creating a whole new TV concept: Brainy Bob. We have also done more tactical product films and customer story films. The runner in the new VitaePro package also run its way from package to films. Quality, reliability, positive attitude and efficiency are all present in what we do in a way that addresses the target group.


  • Brand building films

  • Product films    ​

  • Customer stories

Work done for the customer

Brainy Bob films

The goal was to convey information about the themes of health and well-being in a fresh and interesting way. The character of Brainy Bob was born. He’s a sympathetic fellow interested in health-related things. There were three main themes, which were brought into the spotlight in the ads: joint cartilage, muscles and antioxidants. All the films were produced for three markets: Finland, Sweden and Norway. 

Product films

Is your battery low or empty? These films highlight the product and its effects while also using interesting metaphors. The viewer’s attention is caught in the beginning with a relatable problem and then with the solution offered by VitaePro.

Customer stories

VitaePro has a lot of happy users in the Nordics, and 9 out of 10 recommend the product. This is one of the reasons that it’s so important to make customers’ voices heard. Customer stories are a brilliant way to give the product real and relatable faces.

Watch them all

Message from designers

Be creative, talk to the target group and do all this in the strict norms of food supplement business. That's an intriguing challenge.

Tero Lumiainen
/ Lead Designer, Concepts and Strategy


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