Veikkaus makes the wishes of Finnish gamers come true, and we are lucky to play a part in that!


Offering exciting and safe gaming experiences

Veikkaus operates all the gambling games that are offered in Finland. It is a company owned entirely by the Finnish State. Veikkaus takes gaming-related detriments seriously, but it doesn’t stop them from offering entertaining and safe gaming experiences. We have produced several ad films for Veikkaus games over the past few years. Now we have also returned into the game production by designing and producing the instant game Donna.


  • Game design
  • Game graphics
  • Game programming
  • Ad films

The instant game: Donna

We wanted to take the perspective for the new instant game from outside the traditional gaming world. After going through web services and social media content favored by young women, we decided that we want to bring that visual look into the game production. We ended up creating a game, where the player sits in a street café and draws. This type of a game had been missing, so the production started right away. 

Even though the game production is not our main business, games have often played a part in marketing campaigns designed by us. Veikkaus is also a familiar partner, and in a way Donna represents a return to where we started – in the turn of the last decade we designed several instant games for Veikkaus with Flash-technology.



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