Hansakortteli shopping center in Turku is the most beloved shopping mall in Finland according to research. We made their marketing communications stand out from the competitors.


A good brand endures time and change 

Our job was to renew Hansakortteli’s brand and advertising. After that it was time to dig into the web service, which needed to serve customers prior to the shopping mall visit and also during it. The renewal of the web service is a part of a larger whole, comprising of digitalization of the marketing palette, as well as the refurbishment of the shopping center by the year 2020.


Web service

We designed the web service with the customers in focus, aiming for them to find the information they are looking for right away, regardless of the device they are using.


Digital marketing tools

Shopping mall marketing is a game of be quick or be dead. The digital marketing tools enable quick reactivity and better customer experience.

Campaign visibility

A shopping center is an organism in a constant movement. The campaigns must be able to meet this challenge, but at the same time they must offer familiarity and recognizability. The campaign tools we have designed meet the needs of both the customers and the businesses.

Hansakortteli is an institution in Turku, with a special place in the citizens’ hearts. We want to strengthen the image of Hansakortteli by maintaining the love, but still communicating renewal.


Lead Designer



Everyone loves Hansakortteli, and many of us here in Southwest Finland have memories that are related to it. It has been great to play a part in making their marketing modern, stylish and activating.


Project Manager



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