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We would love to develop your brand and its customer experience. Let us know how we can help you. If you are a new client, call or send a message directly to Sami or if you want to know more about film production, contact Marika. We're happy to add sparks to your marketing!

Sami Puutio

Vice President

+358 (0)40 528 9004
New things and possibilities as well as results and producing experiences give me a thrill.

Marika Tulivuori

Executive Producer

+358 (0)40 847 8722
The great work of my team and whole Nitro’s team give a boost even in challenging times. I always get super energized when a new project is secured. Our family-like team and feeling of togetherness form a solid and inspiring foundation for my work.

Pasi Hiltunen


+358 (0)50 517 3440
It’s the best thing when you see our people reach the client’s goals and celebrate it together with the client. It’s also important to learn from mistakes and use the learnings as a part of future success. Behind our accomplishments are three things: communication, communication and communication.

Mats Berglund

Client Service Director

+358 (0)504058433
Client´s appreciation towards our work is the most rewarding thing. It means that the team has done a great job from start to finish. That also indicates that the bar can be set even higher and that we are able to reach something even better. Good things create more good!

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