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Whirlpool is the world’s leading manufacturer of major home appliances. In Finland, we have made their cooperation with the hockey team Leijonat roar in marketing communications!

Scoring a goal

In Finland, Whirlpool’s marketing activities are mainly constructed around a partnership with the Finnish Ice Hockey Association. By designing campaigns that have entertained hundreds of thousands of Finnish hockey enthusiasts, we have helped the company to commercialize the cooperation with the national hockey team Leijonat (The Lions). 


  • Concept design

  • Film production

  • Content marketing

  • Radio promotion design

  • Store and event marketing

  • Campaign site

Work done for the customer

Campaign site

We have created a variety of different campaign entities in conjunction with the World Cup and the Karelia Tournament. For example, at the heart of the Voittava kokoonpano campaign (The Winning Configuration) there were a website as well as a game for people to choose their own Leijona lineup to the St. Petersburg Championship games. The game also allowed participants to follow the scores of the players they picked. The game participant who selected the most efficient configuration was awarded Whirlpool home appliances.


All campaign activities have also utilized films that feature the products in relevant and entertaining ways.

Radio promotions

The competitive ranking of the campaign site was supported through content cooperation designed by us, executed by Radio Rock. The hockey commentators chose their favouriteplayers, explained those choices, and challenged the listeners to assemble a Leijonaall-star roster of their own.

Other campaign materials

We implemented the display materials at HartwallArena as well as a variety of digital screen ads and activations for the matches of the Finnish team. In addition, we constructed the Whirlpool department at’s Jätkäsaari store to top condition for the World Cup.

Message from designers

It has been awesome to get to develop a campaign around Whirlpool and the Lions, our national pride. An old home technology professional inside me rejoiced at this project.

Anttoni Heikura
/ Designer, Concepts and Content

It has been great to be involved in helping Whirlpool bring the Lion collaboration to the fore, online, in the trough and in the store.

Minna Kallio
/ Designer, Concepts and Content


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