Recognized as the most innovative car manufacturer, Volkswagen is among the leading car brands of the world. Customer experience is at the center of our cooperation.

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Strong brand builds on customer experience 

Volkswagen's innovative solutions, several test wins and solid experience in manufacturing high quality cars is a success story to be admired. We have been Volkswagen’s marketing partner since 2015. The cooperation covers the planning of marketing communications and service design through all channels for both Volkswagen Passenger Cars and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Finland. 

Our extensive experience and a strong proof of successful marketing in the automotive industry make the cooperation with Volkswagen a unique opportunity to develop the world’s leading car brand in the Finnish market. Everything centers on the customer experience, which we build with strong business know-how, consistent brand work, and diverse service offering.


  • Branding work and brand development 
  • Concept design 
  • Content marketing 
  • Marketing materials in all media 
  • Store and event marketing 
  • Social media management 
  • Web service development 
  • Product launches

Electric car test drivers

Preconceptions related to electric cars are limiting many consumers’ tendency to purchase: Which one is more useful to me, an electric car or a hybrid? What does it cost to use? How would I charge it? 

The campaign offered people an opportunity to test electric cars in one’s daily life. Over 14. 000 applicants were interested in testing the cars and sharing experiences afterwards. With a lot of news coverage, the test drivers highlight Volkswagen’s position as the industry leader with major investments in electric cars.

Campaign for those who love driving  

The summer collection designed for "those who love driving" was a great success. Economic engines, beloved road ahead and the beautiful Finnish summer invoked people to hit the road and even share there own stories!

Whatever the transport, you can always count on Volkswagen 

The comprehensive range of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles are presented to interested corporate customers through satisfied current customers. Easy-to-tailor vehicles and customers of different sizes stress that the leader of the Finnish commercial vehicles market can provide a solution for everyone.



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