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TVT Asunnot

TVT Asunnot offers rental homes for different life stages in the Turku region. We are building the brand a home that really makes you feel welcome.

Home is a word full of emotion

TVT Asunnot offers reasonably priced and good quality rental apartments in the Turku region.  It´s owned by the city of Turku, and it´s the biggest in its field in this area with over 11. 000 rental homes.

Our cooperation started with the development of their web service and extended to the development of the whole brand. The core idea is to bring the residents and the city areas in the spotlight. At the same time, we also do tactical marketing and bring theme campaigns to life. Also, the beloved resident magazine is nowadays created in our hands.


  • Brand work and brand development

  • Web service –

  • Tactical campaigns 

  • Resident campaigns 

  • Resident magazine


Work done for the customer

Brand Development

The goal was to make the brandmore coherent and to show all the strengths more clearly. We created a marketing concept that gives the brand and its marketing communications more unity, personality and emotion. We have also executed a web-based Brand Book that is constantly evolving. People, homes and locality are the main building blocks of the concept. 

Web service – TVT.FI

Web service was created to serve both the existing residents and those looking for a new home. The main goals are customer service and strengthening the brand image. The development of the web service is, of course, an ongoing process.

Tactical marketing

Tactical campaigns unite the rental homes and the people looking for a new home. It’s important to be able to tell what is special in the homes and in the area, what makes them a good choice. We gather all the relevant and interesting information to a web site and lead people there with various marketing actions via print and digital channels.


Important aspects related to homes and living are brought forward through theme campaigns. For a water saving campaign we did a fun video series starring a bachelor Pertti, who went to extreme lengths to save water.

For the heat saving campaign we want people to pay attention to the optimal room temperature. For this campaign we did a campaign page with information, tips and a competition. We also got to do a video that lets us peek into the life of the bachelor again. 


Message from designers

Over a decade of cooperation means a smooth relationship with a mutual trust. It has been great being a part in developing the living in the Turku region from the beginning.

Jyri Ryyppö
/ Project Manager

Nice client who really knows the needs of their clients and that has a genuine willingness to develop their brand – what more could a designer wish.

Tuuli Eltonen
/ Lead Designer, Concepts and Strategy


We would love to tell you more.

The best service is always personal. Please contact account managers directly or leave us a contact request and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.