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Sony Music Sweden

When Bo Kaspers Orkester released their new album called 23:55, Sony Music Sweden wanted to try something new in the album´s marketing. Together we created an AI-chatbot and named it Bot Kaspers.

Born to entertain

Bo Kaspers Orkester has a twinkle in the eye and many stories to tell. This is why we were able to create a rich and entertaining experience with Bot Kaspers. The bot is integrated into the band´s Facebook Messenger and it uses IBM Watson Assistant. Bot Kaspers is all about intriguing stories about the new album, the best hits and the band itself. You can also test your knowledge in lyrics quiz or choose a band member to chat with.


  • Creating content paths and ideas

  •  Technical execution and development

  •  Entering all the content

AI opens up possibilities

Bot Kaspers is a smart example of marketing that offers experiences and connections. The content is created in close cooperation with the band, and AI is used to enable the dialogue.

– The use of AI in the marketing of our artists represents a fresh way of thinking. It opens up a whole new way for the fans to have interaction with their favorite artists. I think it is especially wonderful that this kind of project was done with Bo Kaspers Orkester who have played over 28 years, notes Business Development Manager Linnea Reinhold from Sony Music.

Creating connections

A deep understanding of customer and service experience with the possibilities of new technologies makes marketing more personal, impressive and insightful. The goal of Bot Kaspers has been just that; to offer experiences, stories and a new kind of connection between the band and its listeners.


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