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Narvi is a Finnish sauna stove manufacturer of over 80 years of heritage, and strong brands Aito, Kota and Narvi. The strong potential of the brands needed to be set free.

Every stove has a personality

Every one of Narvi’s stove brands dominate their own niche, having a strong personality. We approached the brands as a trio of brothers. We seized the personalities of the brands in marketing, showcasing them stronger than ever before, thus clarifying and strengthening the brand hierarchy of Narvi’s products. 


  • Brand work

  • Brochures and POS materials

  • Digital marketing

  • Radio commercials

Work done for the customer

Brand work

Narvi is the expert of Finnish sauna. We are aiming to clarify the role of sub brands, in order to finding their own special niche, as well as supporting the mother brand.

Brand Photo Shoot

We executed a photo shoot for each of the brands. The photo shoot of Aito stove was arranged in sunny archipelago. The photo shoot of Kota stove was beside a lake with three women in a fairy like atmosphere. Narvi found its home in a classically stylish house made of stone.

Digital marketing (AITO)

As digital channels tend to be filled with noise and nonsense, Narvi offers a soothing and balanced presence, even in its digital marketing activities.

Message from designers

Many sauna baths were needed to find and capture the stories that Finnish saunas hide.

Sebastian Berg
/ Lead Designer, Concepts and Strategy

Narvi’s line of products lives and breathes genuine sauna spirit. We aim to offer people a satisfying break in modern and busy everyday life.

Topi Jokinen
/ Lead Designer, Concepts and Strategy


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