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Löfbergs is an over 100-year-old Swedish coffee brand with a delicious role as a challenger in Finland. Together we help the Finns to find their strength!

Find your strength – every day!

Löfbergs is an over 100-year-old Swedish coffee brand, with no need for introduction in its home country. However, in the Finnish market, Löfbergs has a delicious role as a challenger. Even though for an untrained eye, the cultures and marketing environments of Finland and Sweden are quite similar, there are some profound differencies in our countries’ coffee cultures.

Our common journey with Löfbergs started through an ad agency competition and our victorious ”Find your strength” concept. There is a double meaning in the concept’s use of strenght: on one hand, we are challenging Finns to experience the stronger and richer dark roasted coffee (as opposed to the light roasted coffee, we Finns are accustomed to), and on the other hand, we aim to present the strengthening role of coffee as our everyday companion. 


  • Digital advertising (Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)

  • Social media management (FB, IG) 

  • Outdoor marketing 

  • POS marketing


Work done for the customer


Summer promotion

We launched our Löfbergs ICE promotion team to roll the streets of Helsinki, Turku and Tampere on their scooters in July. The team gave refreshing Löfbergs ICE coffee drinks to the thirsty citizens. Meanwhile, you also had a chance of winning summery Löfbergs products. The products were given out respecting safe distances, with the help of a pick-up tool. The film material was utilized in digital marketing. Special times call for special actions, and the tour was welcomed with a smile: there is a great demand for personal customer encounters!


The strongest campaign ever

Our “Strong coffee for strong people” campaign from spring 2021 has proved to be Löfbergs’ most successful campaign ever here in Finland. The 60-second commercial is already the most viewed Löfbergs ad film of all times on Facebook in Finland. The highly effective campaigning shows in sales, but also in brand tracking readings: the brand tracking numbers of Löfbergs showed a steep climb on the 2021 Q2 consumer research report, right in the aftermath of the newest campaign.

Digital advertising

Digitaalinen advertising (Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)

Digital tools (Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) provide Löfbergs a good reach and measurability within the marketing toolbox. On top of that, films are used in digital marketing to offer our target group a well-deserved break in the digital media flow.

Social media management

Social media management (Facebook, Istagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Löfbergs’ products provide enjoyment in everyday life. With our actions in social media, we strengthen this function, and create a tighter bond between coffee lovers and Löfbergs’ brand. This has proved to be a well-functioning modus operandi. 

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Löfbergs Purposese-driven marketing

Find your strength video series

Löfbergs’ Find your strength series introduces real-life influencers. Our host, Joonas Linkola interviews interesting people, and brings forth positive solutions to challenging topics. The episodes have gathered thousands of views, and they present Löfbergs’ Find your strength message in a relevant and tangible way.

Putdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising

The outdoor advertising has a crucial role in our strategy, reminding the target group of the brand close to the point of purchase. In this mission, we utilize Löfbergs’ distinctive brand and package appearance.

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Message from designers

Tero Lumiainen
Lead Designer, Concepts and Strategy

It is great to notice that the consistent work done is paying off: trade takes place and surveys show that consumers like the brand.

Netta Arola
Designer, Concepts, UX and Content

On social media, Löfbergs offers a variety of content. It is inspiring as a content producer to share information about the effects of responsible choice.


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