K-Auto develops new pioneering service concepts and multichannel mobility services. We are happy to drive with them!


Pioneers in the car industry

K-Auto is the market leader in Finnish car trade. It specializes in import, retail and after sales services of cars manufactured by the Volkswagen Group. In addition to its traditional business activities, K-Auto continuously develops new pioneering service concepts and multichannel mobility services. 

K-Auto has used our extensive understanding of the car industry and comprehensive expertise in marketing and service design in launching new services and businesses.

The pioneer attitude, responsibility and multichannel marketing have strengthened K-Auto’s position as the industry leader and built various K brands across industries. The latest highlights in the cooperation between us and K-Auto are the launch of K-Charge network and a pilot project for a shared car rental.


Launch of K-Charge network and web service

K-Auto utilized our car industry expertise in launching K-Charge, its new country-wide network for charging electric cars. We planned all the marketing materials of the launch and designed a comprehensive web service.

The launch welcomed both new and existing customers through multiple channels while also building various K brands across industries.

Pilot for shared car rental

As part of the implementation of new mobility services, the K Group launched a pilot project for shared car rental in cooperation with 24Rent. The cars are rented online and can be picked up from the parking lots of selected K stores. The whole launch from marketing materials to the new web service was designed and executed by us.

Kesko is the most sustainable trading company in the world, and K-Auto strongly shapes the way people move around. These are the ingredients of our design work to which people genuinely run into in their daily lives.


Lead designer



K-Auto is a definite industry forerunner with pioneering mobility services. For us, it is great to be among the first involved in the planning of smart mobility services that shape our future.


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