FREJA offers flexible transport services tailored according to the customers’ needs by land, sea and air throughout the world. We executed a web service and a brand film together.


Going forward

We played a part in developing FREJA’s marketing communication strategy that excels in a digitalized world and really tells about the company in a fresh way. We also got to travel with FREJA to amazing locations, when we were filming their brand film. The journey continued with renewing the web service, and now we are in charge of its development. We have also been onboard in several other marketing activities in Finland.


  • Web service –
  • Brand film
  • Other marketing materials

Web service –

The planning of FREJA’s web service started with workshops that provided a strong mutual understanding of the goals. One important thing was to present their services in a comprehensive and personal way. We executed the web service in English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and German.



We produced a strong, impressive brand film that shows what FREJA is all about. The motion never stops in FREJA’s world of logistics, and the film invites the customer to come along to that journey.  

Other marketing materials 

During our cooperation we have helped the Finnish marketing team with ads, posters, newsletters and digital screens that have given wings to FREJA’s services in Helsinki Airport.  


A strong and coherent brand works across borders.


Lead Designer



Logistics keep the wheels turning both in transportation and in business. FREJA operates globally, especially in Europe. International operations were emphasized in the renewal of the web service.


Vice President



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