Auramarine is a 1974 founded company, manufacturing fuel supply systems for maritime and power industries. We are renewing their marketing communications to match their status as a pioneer in their business.


The pioneer of pioneers 

Auramarine’s brand had not kept up with the fast pace of development, and thus the brand and marketing strategy were in acute need of updating. Through a marketing agency competition we received the joyous, yet challenging task of renewing the brand. We carried out a brand and strategy work including a brand book for Auramarine, and updated the company’s web presence. 


  • Renewal of brand and marketing strategy 
  • Web service
  • Digital marketing tools

Renewal of brand and marketing strategy 

We reinvented Auramarine’s marketing vertex in a series of workshops, and sharpened it to better answer the needs of the current market situation.


Web service

The web service was in desperate need for an update, and we renewed it to meet and exceed the challenges of current demands.

Digital marketing tools

As a global player in a global market, Auramarine operates in a strongly digital environment. Marketing makes no exception, and we designed the tools according to this.


Auramarine has both expertise and experience. Our job is to tell this to the world, and digital tools offer a good medium in this task.


Lead Designer



We made Auramarine's brand and web service match their world class solutions. It has been rewarding to work with the pioneer of fuel supply systems.


Project Manager



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