Ahlsell is the leading Nordic distributor of installation products, tools and supplies for installers, contractors, facility managers and industrial companies. We help them in building new concepts, striking campaigns and strong digital presence!


You can always spot the professional

We are Ahlsell’s strategic partner in Finland. We have designed the concept of Ahlsell Experttipäivät and their store visibility and marketing activities with a strong digital emphasis. Good examples of our partnership are also the launch of the new FIXX fastening range and Ahlsell IISI service concept.


  • Strategic partnership
  • Concepts, campaigns and launches​
  • Store and marketing materials
  • Setting up the Facebook page

Strategic partnership

We support Ahlsell´s marketing team in their work and develop concepts, operating models and customer encounters together with them. A good example is a design workshop we facilitated for representatives of marketing, sales and purchase. 


Ahlsell Experttipäivät concept

Experttipäivät (Exper Days) concept with its distinct look was created to bring professional buzz to a sales campaign held in the stores and webshop twice a year. During the campaign week various expertsAhlsell’s own personnel, suppliers and customersare brought in the spotlight. The marketing is executed with a good digital grip and strong targeting. 

Ahlsell IISI services

In addition to wide selection of products, Ahlsell also offers services that make the work of experts easier and more efficient. The services respond to different customer needs on site from the way of packaging to product storage. It has been a joy to play a part in IISI service concept – starting from the name.  


Launch of FIXX fastening range

This fastening range is top of its field and the idea was to emphasize this as labelling it the sharpest i.e. the smartest. We designed a launch that aroused interest and buzz in digital channels and in the stores

Taking over social media

Experts need expert Facebook pages.  Because Ahsell Finland didn´t have them, we set them up. Our aim was to make it a meeting place for news, product information, tips and entertaining and relatable content. Ahlsell supports the experts with a twinkle in the eye. 


Interesting and versatile cooperation shows us all how important good chemistry really is


Lead Designer



Our cooperation is a nice combination of professional B2B business and a twinkle in the eye.  


Lead Designer



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