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What the hybrid?

Hybrid agency Nitro

Hybrid agency Nitro

A hybrid means a cross between species or a mixture of things. Two good things do not always go together, but we got it covered. Nitro is a hybrid advertising agency that brings marketing and digitalization together in a unique way.

proficiency + AI equals Nitro

You’ll get what you need

You’ll get what you need

At Nitro, you’ll get everything you need – strategy and concepts, design and execution, measuring and development. Our goal is to set your business on fire. No project is too small or too big for us. We offer you the same dedication and expertise whether your company is small or big, and whether you represent a Finnish company or a international company.

Creativity + passion equals Nitro

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  • Pasi Hiltunen

    / CEO
    +358 50 517 3440

  • Sami Puutio

    / Vice President
    +358 40 528 9004

  • Marika Tulivuori

    / Executive Producer
    +358 40 847 8722

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