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Domus Keittiöt

Now or never: great results of digital marketing

Effective results of a multi-channel online campaign

Nitro and Nitro Film designed and implemented Domus Keittiöt's regional and tactical online marketing campaign. The campaign was targeted to the Helsinki Metropolitan area. It caused a lot of positive bustling: the number of designing time reservations increased multiply.

Advertising film sped up the sales

The multi-channel digital marketing campaign was made to respond to the need to speed up the sales and bring more visibility to the brand. The campaign included well targeted and effective medias and advertising forms. The core of the campaign was a 31-second film that made you want to renovate your kitchen from top to bottom. The film was produced by Nitro Film.

Radio program in cooperation with Radio Aalto continued to increase the boom. The radio guided listeners to the campaign page to compete for a huge price – for nothing less than a new kitchen.

Cost-effective views

Campaign succeeded in cost-effectiveness and coverage beyond expectations. Video attracted more than 129 000 views, and the average view time was 29 seconds, that is quite an achievement for a 31-second film.

Our target was to double the number of designing time reservations. The target was fulfilled multiply: the amount was even six times bigger compared to the year before. This is a good start!

The core team at Nitro includes copywriter Topi Jokinen, Art Director Roni Viitanen, Client Director Sami Puutio and Project Manager Jaana Kallio.

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