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Buy work to Finland

The day that changed the consumption habits of the Finns

Great results for all the Finns

Association of Finnish work has campaigned on behalf of Finnish work with a theme “Sinivalkoinen jalanjälki” (Blue and white footprint) with Kesko company. In the fall 2015 Nitro planned the first ever Osta työtä Suomeen (“Buy work to Finland”) day for the campaign. The day was organised on the 4th of December 2015. The aim was to get the Finns to buy more Finnish products and services and by doing so employing more Finnish people.

Social media brought the event together

The centre of the event was on Facebook with a goal of 10 000 participants.

“Buy work to Finland” day was boosted on Facebook and with online advertising and on radio. The companies participating in “Blue and white footprint” campaign told about the day and their products in their own channels.

Famous Finns were also asked to join the campaign and spread the word in their own channels.

Big results with small budget

“Buy work to Finland” day became an instant hit.  

The goal of 10 000 participants was exceeded with 30 %. The participants were active: they told others what they are going to buy and from where, and even gave tips of Finnish products and services.
The event got wide media attention. It was recognized in several newspapers and magazines, and it also got visibility on TV. The day was also embraced by bloggers.

Every third of the Finns noticed “Buy work to Finland” day and over half of them told that they are going to buy more Finnish products and services. The most important achievement was that the theme day had a big role in changing attitudes. It made people think before buying.

Many of the participants expressed in social media that buying Finnish products is going to be a habit. “Blue and white footprint” campaign continues and “Buy work to Finland” day is coming again in December.

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